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BGS Institute: Data

  1. Marmot Creek Basin: Data can be access through the Centre for Hydrology website
  2.           Barrier Lake Field Station Environmental Data:

Environment Canada (EC)

  • Weather: EC runs a reference climate site located at the Barrier Lake Field Station. Meteorological data archives date back to August, 1939 to the present recording daily maximum and minimum air temperature and precipitation.  Climate ID: 3053600
  • Wind Data:
  • Air Quality: In January 2011, EC launched a pilot visibility monitoring site in coordination with IMPROVE (Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environment). Aerosol data can be found at Site: Barrier Lake, Code: BALA1 

University of Calgary (Barrier Lake Field Station)

  • A digital-based weather station was installed in February 2000 and records hourly air temperature , soil temperature at 10cm, 30cm and 50cm, solar radiation and rainfall. Monthly data files can be requested through email:


  • A digital-based weather station was installed in August 2010 and record 15min air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, gust speed, wind directions, and PAR. Files can be requested through email: